Appropriate attire is important to dance class as it is imperative to the technique and safety of each style of dance.  In the beginning of the season, TNT staff will provide reminders to dancers of attire. If more than three reminders have to be given after that – the dancer may be asked to sit out of class.  Dance attire is listed below:
  • Hair 
    • pulled back out of the dancers face
  • Ballet 
    • Leotard and pink tights 
  • All other styles 
    • form fitting clothing only (sports bra, form-fitting tank top, leotard, jazz shorts, leggings)
  • Shoes 
    • Dancers must wear the appropriate shoe for the style of class they are in 
    • NO socks allowed
      • Only time socks are permitted in class is if the dancers are wearing socks for that competition piece